Life’s a little crazy sometimes


its been a while.

for the past few months I have been working my ass off, working 2 jobs and starting school in 2 weeks , this has just been a crazy few months, Update: I’m going to be an aunt! I’m super exited as well for my brother , my baby brother!. Life is crazy sometimes and so much can happen at once . I’m sitting here thinking of what to write about while I’m watching shameless (the show) and re-arranging my room as well as my life,haha.

I recently did a couple of shoots that I’m exited about and for the first time I got featured on one of my favorite sites called sunglass up on Instagram, I absolutely love there glasses they’re only $9.99 and good quality as well! IMG_E3762


its kind of hard to see the second pic, it wont let me resize It for some reason .

this shoot was pretty fun even though my friend basically took over and I didn’t get to finish. its whatever though.
anyone else in school or have any advice? I’ve never been in college before and I literally have no clue what I’m doing and how everything works . I’m stressed out about everything its just been a wild ride these past  few weeks.


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