Here’s to the new year!

Hello everyone!

It has been so long since I have posted , long story short life has been crazy, I’m working so much and going to school. So time has been to a minimum, even just for myself.
I know that we all have new years resolutions, things we want to do and goals we would like to achieve , here are a few of mine:

  • I would like to go to universal studios for my birthday
  • get ready for school, new semester!
  • get Hawaii 2019 tickets for march
  • start a YouTube channel focusing on plus size style and advice
  • up my photo game
  • better my health
  • focus on my self and family first.

The only thing I worry about is time management because I’m all over the place and my anxiety has been through the roof, I have been working on this.
life I s hard sometimes and things are always happening that get in the way of me posting as much, but I am working on this as well, I had been talking a small break from social media , but here I am, same girl different hair, better self and soul.

I hope every one enjoyed their new year!
xoxo kris.

when reality hits.


Good morning all!
hope everyone’s day goes amazing.
focus on yourselves and prosper in your lives,
ignore negative energy,people stay positive
and drink some coffee.
don’t let depression and anxiety take over your day.

what are my plans today?
study, do homework and hopefully have lunch later with my mom.
what are your plans today?
leave me a comment on what helps you deal with anxiety & depression

Morning essentials .

Good morning !!
Today is going to be super productive .
As of right now I have made my bed , cleaned my room and now I’m doing laundry
in a while I’m going to run a few errands and get some incense for my room since I cant seem to find any sage.
But First ! a look of my every day essentials.!
and when I say every day I mean every single day.
These products are what get me and my skin through the day , if you have tried any of these products please leave a comment 🙂 I would love to know what you think.
Cleansers: I love the Dermalogica  cleanser because it makes my face feel so clean . Also I have to be careful what I put on my skin because I am prone to breakouts.
trust me,
we know our skin and we know what it does and does not like.
lets do this.
Toner: the Botonics toner ($6.99 @ulta )seriously smells like candy! I love it plus it’s super gentle on the skin, it’s good for all skin types. if you want your skin to look and feel energized and revitalized this toner is something you should try! Also the rosewater & Aloe and rosewater spray from Pearlessence ($9-12 TJ Max) I love these sprays because not only do they smell so freaking good but they feel good and they’re gentle . which is a crucial significance to me .
Moisturizer & Facial serum: I Live for the benefit cosmetics facial emulsion moisturizer ($32 @ ulta) and the instant comeback facial serum ($46 @ ulta)
the moisturizer has an spf 15 and hydrates your skin , it’s oil free and its light weight. with a Tri-Radiance Complex that helps maintain water on the skins surface.
the facial serum helps the skin look plumper and hydrated as well as firm and smooth.
as well it has the Tri-Radiance Complex .
Eye Cream: the Benefit Cosmetics it’s potent eye cream is crucial to my skincare routine
because not only does it brighten it also helps with dark circles ,fine lines it also has a complex that restores elasticity and firmness .
Cosmopolitan magazine : My livelihood in a book.


Real Talk .

Ok so the past few day’s have seriously been so hectic. work and school literally take up all my time. I find myself contemplating too much and to the point where I stress myself out so much that I either get sick or will just stay in bed.
I’m suppose to be studying right now , but obviously I’m not haha.
tomorrow i work both jobs and have 3 test’s to turn in.
on top of that I’m planning a baby shower for my brother and his girlfriend. ‘I’m super
exited about it but it’s just a lot of stuff all at once.  Adulting is hard.


I’m 24 years old and I have no idea what I am doing.
I work 2 jobs , I love them and I am going to school
I have only had 1 boyfriend ever. and I am a hopeless romantic.

how can I be a hopeless romantic if I have only been in one relationship?
Honestly, I don’t know. It’s all the movies I guess .
I always thought that when I got older I would have my life figured out but I don’t. I thought I would be married with two kids ( a boy and girl) and they would curly hair and be smart asses. but when In reality I cant even find a guy to give me the time of day.
I’m paying off two credit cards and a car payment and a phone bill and all the other bullshit I have to pay for .

Is there something wrong with me ? why can I find a nice guy like Laura jean did ? you know from the best movie ever!.

Reality it fucking sucks.
Adulting sucks it just does.

rant done
krista out .


Life’s a little crazy sometimes


its been a while.

for the past few months I have been working my ass off, working 2 jobs and starting school in 2 weeks , this has just been a crazy few months, Update: I’m going to be an aunt! I’m super exited as well for my brother , my baby brother!. Life is crazy sometimes and so much can happen at once . I’m sitting here thinking of what to write about while I’m watching shameless (the show) and re-arranging my room as well as my life,haha.

I recently did a couple of shoots that I’m exited about and for the first time I got featured on one of my favorite sites called sunglass up on Instagram, I absolutely love there glasses they’re only $9.99 and good quality as well! IMG_E3762


its kind of hard to see the second pic, it wont let me resize It for some reason .

this shoot was pretty fun even though my friend basically took over and I didn’t get to finish. its whatever though.
anyone else in school or have any advice? I’ve never been in college before and I literally have no clue what I’m doing and how everything works . I’m stressed out about everything its just been a wild ride these past  few weeks.


What to caption this ?


Glasses-rue 21


Boots-wet seal plus


Hey y’all,

Today was a long one .

Woke up , laid in bed for about an Hour until my lazy ass decided to get up . Made myself some breakfast ( fluffy waffles with strawberries and raspberries w/ wiped-cream) not really healthy but it sure did taste good .

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Any who ,

After that, I read a little bit . Right now I’m reading Stephan king ” MR. Mercedes ” I’m right in the middle . It’s pretty good ,

I just ended up making myself a cup of coffee make that 4 cups hahah , don’t judge me I know I know , but if I don’t get my coffee I’ll be crazy all day and we can’t have that , by the end of the day I realized how much I didn’t do today , it was pretty lazy other than going around town and trying to find a place to sit down for a sec and scroll through my insta feed while my friend flirts with the guys at a coffee house . While we where trying to find a place to eat haha . But what can I say ?

life has be by that balls right now .

dream room

dream room

Floor lamp

Luxe Collection black area rug
$375 –

Ceramic mug

Home decor
$120 –

Ellison gold home decor

Surya throw pillow

Cream throw pillow

Succulent terrarium

Gray throw pillow
$11 –

Blush chair

White furniture

Velvet sofa

South Lake

Hey everyone !

It’s been a while , I’m currently hanging out in Tahoe. It’s so cold here . I am absolutely in love with the weather here, and the snow .

I love broth with family away from home , there’s something about it that makes me feel so happy . I don’t want to go home .