What to caption this ?


Glasses-rue 21


Boots-wet seal plus


Hey y’all,

Today was a long one .

Woke up , laid in bed for about an Hour until my lazy ass decided to get up . Made myself some breakfast ( fluffy waffles with strawberries and raspberries w/ wiped-cream) not really healthy but it sure did taste good .

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Any who ,

After that, I read a little bit . Right now I’m reading Stephan king ” MR. Mercedes ” I’m right in the middle . It’s pretty good ,

I just ended up making myself a cup of coffee make that 4 cups hahah , don’t judge me I know I know , but if I don’t get my coffee I’ll be crazy all day and we can’t have that , by the end of the day I realized how much I didn’t do today , it was pretty lazy other than going around town and trying to find a place to sit down for a sec and scroll through my insta feed while my friend flirts with the guys at a coffee house . While we where trying to find a place to eat haha . But what can I say ?

life has be by that balls right now .


dream room

dream room

Floor lamp

Luxe Collection black area rug
$375 – very.co.uk

Ceramic mug

Home decor
$120 – amazon.co.jp

Ellison gold home decor

Surya throw pillow

Cream throw pillow

Succulent terrarium

Gray throw pillow
$11 – dunelm.com

Blush chair

White furniture

Velvet sofa

South Lake

Hey everyone !

It’s been a while , I’m currently hanging out in Tahoe. It’s so cold here . I am absolutely in love with the weather here, and the snow .

I love broth with family away from home , there’s something about it that makes me feel so happy . I don’t want to go home .

update on my life

hey everyone ! hope everyone had an amazing holiday and new year ! well the second was my birthday and well yes it did end up in me taking moonshine shot’s, pulling a cat and crawling on all fours and drunk calling people , it also resulted in a massive hangover not even Lindsey Lohan could top haha.

I actually signed up for classes in the fall and hopefully majoring in journalism and later business . any advice?

Any who! shopping !
I recently went sale binging at forever 21 bought a bunch of cute clothes for less then 30$ I am so impressed with  myself .

so I made a depop account and I am selling a few clothing items and my account name is (obviously ) krisnovah feel free to follow me I will be posting new items weekly !
xoxo kris
mood AF