Morning essentials .

Good morning !!
Today is going to be super productive .
As of right now I have made my bed , cleaned my room and now I’m doing laundry
in a while I’m going to run a few errands and get some incense for my room since I cant seem to find any sage.
But First ! a look of my every day essentials.!
and when I say every day I mean every single day.
These products are what get me and my skin through the day , if you have tried any of these products please leave a comment 🙂 I would love to know what you think.
Cleansers: I love the Dermalogica  cleanser because it makes my face feel so clean . Also I have to be careful what I put on my skin because I am prone to breakouts.
trust me,
we know our skin and we know what it does and does not like.
lets do this.
Toner: the Botonics toner ($6.99 @ulta )seriously smells like candy! I love it plus it’s super gentle on the skin, it’s good for all skin types. if you want your skin to look and feel energized and revitalized this toner is something you should try! Also the rosewater & Aloe and rosewater spray from Pearlessence ($9-12 TJ Max) I love these sprays because not only do they smell so freaking good but they feel good and they’re gentle . which is a crucial significance to me .
Moisturizer & Facial serum: I Live for the benefit cosmetics facial emulsion moisturizer ($32 @ ulta) and the instant comeback facial serum ($46 @ ulta)
the moisturizer has an spf 15 and hydrates your skin , it’s oil free and its light weight. with a Tri-Radiance Complex that helps maintain water on the skins surface.
the facial serum helps the skin look plumper and hydrated as well as firm and smooth.
as well it has the Tri-Radiance Complex .
Eye Cream: the Benefit Cosmetics it’s potent eye cream is crucial to my skincare routine
because not only does it brighten it also helps with dark circles ,fine lines it also has a complex that restores elasticity and firmness .
Cosmopolitan magazine : My livelihood in a book.



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