holiday strobing?

So i love M.A.C cosmetics and i decided to post about their strobing collection that is to die for! i mean you will be glowing like a light on Christmas! first things first prepping! FIRST take a primer and smooth it all over your face. SECOND apply an eye base , for example chilled on ice paint pot which it’s creamy intensity will help hold eye-shadow and also add glow. THIRD take pigment “vanilla” and apply a tiny bit on lid. FOURTH take the strobe cream and apply it on T-Zone , chin and cupids bow. FIFTH apply Lightscapade mineral skin finish to T-Zone area and also right under the brow bone and in corner if eye. this will give you the appearance of a goddess . so have fun gleaming and beaming with an intense highlight! good luck dolls.

xoxo kris.

mac_collection_MF8H13mac_collection_MT1331 mac_collection_M6HE01 mac_collection_MTPR11

i hope everyone try’s this amazing mac strobing collection! you can purchace these items on M.A.C cosmetics page and shop the collection!

My Go-To all-time favorite products.


I know i post about Nars a-lot! but everyone who knows me, knows that Nars is like my best friend.
I mean if i could choose out of all makeup/skincare lines Nars would be #1 on my list. Everyone has their Go-To products that they absolutely cannot live with out and Nars is definitely one of them, not cause it’s a “name brand” but because of the weightless feel it gives. Plus the fact that is makes you look as elegant as ever it leaves your skin feeling like there is nothing on it. and with the foundation and concealer i would never go back to use anything else if i had to .
Nars weightless foundation
Nars concealer
Nars lipgloss in chelsea girls
Nars radient eyeshadow


Another wonderful product that i love love love! is Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Radiance mask . This product really does leave skin soft,smooth and radiant and leaves feeling amazing! it definitely has the ability to leave skin extremely hydrating and moisturized i  recommend this product for those who have dry skin  because it really does help keep skin somewhat balanced and takes away dryness in minutes and last all day.
you can purchase this item online on the chanel website for 50$ which isn’t bad at all if you want something that’s really going to float your boat. i use this product every day , because i do have some areas on my skin that are dry and it helps so much! really worth the money.


here is another amazing product i get the chance to adore every day is MAC Cosmetics strobe cream. I use this product CONSTANTLY i’m serious its freaking amazing i am so in love with this product i could marry it ! it’s great for those who wish to not use foundation . We all know that strobing is “in” right now and this product really does strobe the strobe out of your face, its so amazing i recommend it to Everyone. When i use this product, what i do is wash my face and use this as a moisturizer and i’m done, i love the glow it gives me and my face always feels so refreshed and natural and i got so many compliments on my skin and how i keep it so smooth and hydrated. so i do have secrets but if i spill right now then they aren’t secrets anymore! lol i’m just kidding.

so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment !


Natural strobing look 

Foundation – loreal Hydra perfecting loose powder in light Clair

Milani baked blush – dolce pink

Bronzer – physicians formula in bronze pearl

Mascara – Clinique

I also used the bronzer as a eyeshadow and only applies it in the crease .

Highlighter (strobe) – Mac cosmetics in soft and gentle

Lips 💋 I used Mac cosmetics lip pencil in whirl

 and for the finished lip I used Mac cosmetics satin lipstick in spirit

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Xoxo kris .