The best shops to find Plus Size swimwear

hey guys!

so its heating up here in California and all we want to do is either take a bath in ice or jump into a pool or lake or a beach, but first Bathing suits .. where can we find some really good ones that go with our body type?  finding suits can be hard , particularly for us Plus size women. Our body shape sometimes takes over and can make the bathing suits look completely different than what we see online on the models, so here is a list of a few shops that have some very cute & stylish swimwear that bring out our Beautiful shapes! the cool thing is too that , they are in all different types and sizes! different colors and patterns , i’m so exited about this post because i know personally how hard it is to find swimwear, and because of how short i am ,  sometimes makes the suits look so weird .

okkay! here we go .

#1. ASOS / Curve
there swimwear has a really reasonable price!and the way it feels on your skin is amazing!

#2 Torrid  

Okay so torrid a suits are more on the expensive side but they we so stylish and cute you wouldn’t even notice 

#3 Forever21 

Forever21 have very reasonable prices suits and are very trendy ! 

I hope this was helpful for you guys ! Don’t forget to comment !