It’s been a while

My favorite part of shopping at forever 21 is looking at myself in the mirror with all these cute clothes on and taking them home ❤️

Never stop love of yourself ladies 💖
Kris 💙


cool for the summer’ collection

so exited!

so a while a go i got a message for Nars cosmetics Instagram and they asked if they can send me a gift i was like sure, not thinking is was going to actually happen, but it did! this morning i opened a fed ex bot and knowing i didn’t order anything and i thought to myself, who is this from? and as i open it it was a letter from Nars ! i got so exited!i got a lipstick and an eye shadow 12142690_1199044020110096_675785711_n(1)

i got the lovely eyeshadow in the shade PASIPHAE
and the beautiful lipstick in chelsea girls

can’t believe how exited i am right now for this. it made my day.

xoxo kris