Embrace The Curves

So about a year or two ago I would have never posted a picture like this of my full body, I used to be ashamed of the way that I looked and felt horrible about myself all of the time, until I found some inspiration, I was on my tumblr and I saw a picture of a plus size blogger and she looked so beautiful and confident , that I decided that my curves are not a shame, that everyone is different and that I am beautiful in my own way . now when I look at myself in the mirror I like what I see and that doesn’t make me conceded it just makes me confident in myself . so here is my OOTD 🙂

etc 03

etc 01

etc 02

etc 04

jacket: Forever 21
Blouse : Forever 21
Jeans: Torrid
shoes: payless

also ft. my girl alex! I don’t know where she got her clothes but I made her post with me our outfits! 🙂
here is her OOTD ft. a cute blazer

etc 05