Key to a good blowout at home , from yours truly . 

Hey friends!

Okay so I get this question asked a lot , “how do I get a good blowout at home ?”

Well first things first , what kind of shampoo do you use ? For me I have been using Paul Mitchell’s tea tree line and Kenra . Both are professional products that you can get at a pro salon or by your personal stylist . The products that you use on your our hair are basically guides to help, I know that sounds a bit weird like , how can a product be a guide right ?

well the end result all depends on the products you use ,
for example.
you want a smooth and shiny outcome like the picture above ?
try this.
after shampooing ,only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair,
because when you apply conditioner to your scalp it does help condition but it has a downside to , it makes your hair oily, and you will end up having a oily mess the next day.
when shampooing and conditioning its only suppose to be like twice a week ( mostly for color treated hair) and washed with cool water, because when you have color treated hair it tends to fade faster, washing it every day and using hot water.

a good products i like to use when giving myself a blowout , is rusk shining and paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi  hydrocream moose and the extra body root booster. These products make the hair shine and also smooth out the hair while adding volume . but you cant just get that perfect look without a good roundbrush. A roundbrush helps you control your hair so it isnt blowing everywhere.
tip 1:
Always start at the nape .
To add volume , go into the opposite direction the hair is growing ,by using the roundbrush
to control the hair direction, starting at the base ,then to mid shaft to ends,
base is the hair closest to the scalp, mid shaft is the middle of the hair, and well the ends are the ends .
bring the section up and slightly turn ,do not put heat directly on the scalp, it will burn you , angle your blow dryer at the section from the base towards the brush not the scalp and keep going until section is dry, working your way up from section to section, taking smaller sections will help a lot more cause you will have complete control.
there is A lot more to this i can tell you but , that would be pages and pages of detail.
so i’m going to let you try this technique and if you have any questions or concerns feel free
to comment. OR DM  on my instagram  @stylistrakris
hope this helped a little 🙂


Beauty haul 

Lipsticks : colour pop 

Limbo, Dr M , Beeper, Guess 

MARC JACOBS :coconut primer 

VERSACE perfume 

Anastasia Beverly Hills : dip brow in medium brown 

OOTD| family time 

Dress : marshalls 

Hey friends! 

Hope  everyone had a productive fun weekend , it’s Sunday and We are about to have a family bbq and just wanted to show off it new little dress I got for only 10$ at marshalls! Yes 10$ . It’s so comfy and flowy I feel like I’m wearing clouds ✨

And my puppy’s decided to photo bomb me ! 😭😂 I love them haha 

Thor is the black pitbull/lab mix he’s my best boy! And likes sniffing ghosts junk ! Haha and ghost is the German Shepard ❤️ he’s my moms puppy . 

Also started working out this morning , let’s see how long it last 😭 . 

Hope everyone has an amazing week! 

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INSIDE Plus-Size

Growing up , I was free-spirited. I was scared of nothing, I would bring in my horses from my back yard and have lunch with them in my laundry room while I sat on top of the washing machine , I would take my pet snake out of its aquarium and let it roam around in my room while my mom was asleep (she really didn’t like me doing that ) but I was so fearless. I played soccer for a few years up until my freshman year of high school, I tried out for plays, I liked being around different types of people , I got along with just about everybody, But behind all that I was consistently being bullied, being told I was ugly, Fat , I got called “thunder thighs” and I have been told I was not meant to be on this earth several times. I got harassed , followed home , jumped, threatened . I struggled with self harm starting in 6th grade up to my junior year. I felt so bad like I was disappointing everyone that I knew.  I just started to involve myself with other things like partying, drinking a lot etc.  I hated myself for a very long time  always feeling like I shouldn’t be here. when I was a junior, I Became home schooled , I figured the bullying would stop because I wasn’t around those people anymore but, I was still dealing with harassment on-line.  I started to find myself, I made a tumblr account and I would see all these posts about girls like me who have dealt with the same things I had been dealing with, I started to gain confidence in myself  I started being myself and not worrying about what everyone else’s opinions of me where  I started to love myself and my body. that’s how I became to be body positive , and love myself. I made a deal with myself that I would never listen to people sending hatred to other people about their bodies’, ever again. now I’m 23 working fulltime in a salon, my confidence in myself is 100 and I love my body . I love all my curves . I love who I am now and who I am going to be in the future, if you are struggling with any of the same things I have , just know you will find yourself and it always gets better, you are beautiful. every woman on this planet is a goddess , no matter what size color,shape,religion,sexual orientation etc.. you are PERFECT just the way that you are. fuck everyone else’s opinions of you , SLAY GIRL SLAY. post a selfie of you ,let people know that nothing can bring you down . women need to empower other women because self hate is one of the reasons why people are not comfortable to be themselves. Being yourself is the best you , that you can be.
Be confident ,because too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something that we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses ,and it is only when you accept everything you are and aren’t , that you will truly succeed . you are good enough . I am good enough  love your body. because its the only one you have .

sound of winter.



so guys it is extremely cold outside and decided to get dressed fancy and let out my inner Audrey and Adele and run some errands! hope everyone is having a lovely day



coat-my local thrift store
dress (both are the same) -kathie lee