Don’t worry



It’s hard sometimes when you are trying to be independent , constantly  worrying about money and if your going to even be able to afford the next phone bill or rent, Or trying to make best of a situation you just cant control. Being in the salon is great yeah, it has it’s perks, But it’s the product and rent that sets you back a little when you don’t exactly have much of a clientele base, I’m starting to come up with some reasonable ideas to help like I don’t know get another job, LOL. Moving up in life is a lot harder than I thought, its harder to be on your own sometimes when you don’t really get help from anyone else and you are basically on your own. not that I have never been on my own before I have but it was a complete different way. Its hard staying consistent with everything going on I’m working all day and barely making anything .. Literally. but I have to keep my head up and be a big girl and do what I need to and what feels right because I cant stay in this situation forever.


back to work I go.



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