Plus size bras and where to find them! 

Hey everyone !

These past few weeks have been so hectic ! But  now I’m back ! So as you can see in the pictures below I have some pretty cute bras right!? 

For us plus size , busty woman like us it’s hard to find super sexy and adorable  bras like the ones you see on models ! Without them being plane white or black and or super expensive ! 

So here’s how I shop for bras and some stores you can get them for a reasonable price . 

Bra 1&3 I got from Victoria’s Secret at their annual sale ! They where more on the expensive side but they are so adorable I couldn’t keep my hands off them ! Both were 32$ each . 

Bra #2 is from rue 21 , it was only like 15$ and super sexy! 

When I look for bras I look for the best support cause I’m very. Busty and need that support or my back will be killing me ! So not only were th se bras totally worth it but they are so sexy! 

Here’s a list of some stores that might help some of you woman out there like me who are picky ! (in plus size) (in plus size)

Victoria’s Secret 


Just my size 


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