box dye or professional? a national epidemic.

This post is about people who would rather use box dye than to see a professional hairstylist.

So i was on my facebook today and a girl posted about how she would rather use box dye from drug stores rather than see a professional, and of course i had to comment about it, while other people were trying to ” insult hairdressers ” about how its expensive when they get their hair done or when they do they can’t do it right or they blame the hairstylist for ” over damaging the hair ” when they decided to use a box dye wich has a lot of amonia in it and then they want to box dye “lighten/bleach” it and complain about it .  Okay so first off , as a professional , box dye is so bad for your hair,  people in general should just stop using box dye from Walmart or any store that doesn’t sell professional product or at least have a professional do it, then their  hair wouldn’t be as damaged cause the next week they’ll want it like platinum from black and expect it to be in one sitting there for damaging the hair that is already dead,

if your coloring your hair and not using the right shampoo with a color protectant in it then yeah it will fade and fade fast  , it also depends on the water that you use , there are some good dyes that you can get at sallys that wont damage your hair and they aren’t expensive, i shop at sally’s and other professional stores cause i’m licensed but box dyes from walmart,target,cvs and stores like that are the worst for your hair and a few of them have metallic dye in it and that can cause a lot of breakage and and cause your hair to be so damaged that sometimes if you lighten your hair it will basically melt off the ends , wella is a good dye that i have used several times along with a color protectant shampoo and conditioner along with color locking sprays it last for about 2-3 months before it starts to fade, it just depends like also how much u wash your hair and use heat on it too

after going to school obviously i will only use professional products. Also if you by  paul mitchell or redken or matrix and brands like  that that say they are ” professional”  at walmart or any other drugstores THEY ARE FAKE.  You can only buy real professional   at an actual professional store or salon. there are so many things that go wrong when using box dye, just like there are things than can go wrong if you go to a professional,

if you are thinking to going to a professional just remember we ask about your  hair history, we aim to keep hair healthy and beautiful and undamaged , which we can do but only and Only with your honesty, we need to know about the products you use, and what dyes you normally use also and how many times you have lightened or textured your hair so the question is .. would you rather use box dye cause its cheap or see a professional and buy the recommended products that with help keep the style you want?

feel free to comment and ask me questions !
picture on left  is obviously a box dye bleach grown out and not toned or re-pigmented (also over processed) image on the right done by a professional (not me )  , who color corrected then re pigmented and toned .



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