November obsessions

i’m just sitting here drinking some amazing hot tea and watching 50 shades of grey on my laptop while writing and then i’am to the conclusion that 50 shades,hot tea,Burts Bees chap stick,and the color royal blue and the December issue of Cosmo defiantly makes a perfect November day, as i am getting ready for thanksgiving, i noticed that i have been binging on everything i have just talked about so i’m going to post my favorite November items i have been obsessed with this month!.

obsession 1 : tea, i love all different kinds of tea but my favorite is green tea with honey because its simply amaze balls and just keeps me all warm inside cause its so cold everywhere else! haha and i am enjoying every single sip.

obsession 2: burts bees beeswax balm, it is seriously my favorite chap stick ever, because its vitamin e and peppermint just make my lips feel minty fresh and soft like a puppy , i don’t know why i used the term puppy but okay  anyways i really recommend you guys trying out this item cause its awesome.

obsession 3 : forever 21 royal blue nail color in Marina, is my favorite polish this month, unlike everyone else whose in to the reds and browns and oranges, i’m obsessing over this blue i mean its a BEAUTIFUL color and i cant get over it ! when i wear it its so deep i love the way my fingers look with it.

obsession 4: my favorite lipstick is MOXIE by bare minerals , well first off the lipstick case if extremely cute and i love it , and the color is amazing! its a brownish nude with gold sparkles in it and its so beautiful i have been wearing it everywhere!

obsession 5: cao cosmetics lip liner in desire , its a dark pink with a little red to it and i think it is so cute i cant, i just can’t not love it ! it sometimes looks like a pink/purple its so cute .

so i hope everyone enjoyed this! and if you decide to try any of these items or if you have them already , please leave a comment on how you likes these items or if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!
love you guys
xoxo kris.IMG_9267



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