holiday strobing?

So i love M.A.C cosmetics and i decided to post about their strobing collection that is to die for! i mean you will be glowing like a light on Christmas! first things first prepping! FIRST take a primer and smooth it all over your face. SECOND apply an eye base , for example chilled on ice paint pot which it’s creamy intensity will help hold eye-shadow and also add glow. THIRD take pigment “vanilla” and apply a tiny bit on lid. FOURTH take the strobe cream and apply it on T-Zone , chin and cupids bow. FIFTH apply Lightscapade mineral skin finish to T-Zone area and also right under the brow bone and in corner if eye. this will give you the appearance of a goddess . so have fun gleaming and beaming with an intense highlight! good luck dolls.

xoxo kris.

mac_collection_MF8H13mac_collection_MT1331 mac_collection_M6HE01 mac_collection_MTPR11

i hope everyone try’s this amazing mac strobing collection! you can purchace these items on M.A.C cosmetics page and shop the collection!


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