sipping tea with chanel

so this morning i woke up and realized, that life is short. and once you realize what it is in life that you really want you go for it right? if i had money like that i would spend it on daily Louis,and harry Winston. or spend a week traveling through Europe
i would love to walk the streets of Paris and New York  and  the Southamptons but this isn’t a reality for me . while all of this dreaming is going through my head, i’m sipping hot green tea with lemon in it and it tastes so refreshing also while my chanel Le Blanc brightening cream is making my face feel amazing right now! i realized that hopefully this year will end with love,fashion and endless beauty shopping but hopefully i get that new years kiss and a boyfriend for my birthday! fingers crossed. I guess i’ll just sit back today and relax on the couch with my hot tea and binge on gossip girl before i have to get up and clean house. I am still putting together my look book for November of all my favorite outfits for fall! so so much to do adn lots of excitement coming also! hope everyone has a wonderful day !

Merci les amis! (thanks friends)


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