Heres the scoop! (the healthy kind)

okay guys, so i’ve been following this group for a while on instagram and have finally joined the group! it to help empower all women to be a better you in a healthier way!, so today was my first day and i did the workout and eat what i had (that was healthy) and packed with protein. Today was my first day and yeah i’m tired but i can do it. i want to live live better and healthier and today was just the beginning of my new life journey. feel free to follow them on instagram at @fitgirlsguide

it helps motivate you and get you ready for your better self, i can already feel my healthier self coming out! i made a new instagram for my journey at @fitgurlkris feel free to follow, i will also be posting on my other too personal accounts at krisin_wonderland and @lovelybeautyby_kris (for my professional/work stuff)

hope everyone is having a wonderful week! i know i am!

xo kris



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