|| Tuesday ||

it’s cold right now, i’m sitting in the living room of my aunts house wondering what it is that i am going to do know
that i am out of school, a part of me wants to stay home for a month and figure everything out then the other part is like “krista, girl what are you going? you have to get up, you need to start looking at salons and getting ready!. but right now i’m just in this bubble were i just want to wing it and go day by day and just let things happen, but i have to realize that it’s time for me to be an adult and i mean i am 21 years old and I’ve only been to a bar 3 x my whole time I’ve been 21, but i feel like i have my whole life to party and what not. idk i’m confused. i could really use a coffee right now which wouldn’t help at all, considering i have ADHD and it just makes me tired.

Usually i have a morning routine for everyday, i wake up and just lay in bed
wondering what my day is going to consts of, what cereal am i going to have? do i even want cereal? maybe i should have a yogurt with granola, but i don’t even have yogurt. I’m really indecisive. then i get up and wonder around the property and feed my farm . then i’ll take a shower and get ready for the day as i find what pajamas i’m going to put on, since my car is rubbish and just sits there. and have nothing to do the rest of the day. it’s been like this for a whole week now, but i have been walking in the morning around the neighborhood to wake myself up. i forgot to put that in that part but whatever.

i’ve been thinking about doing tutorials on beauty and what not. i have been told by people that i should. i think it would be a fun experience.

well, my cousin just pulled up so i have to go now, love you guys.
xoxo kris



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