But it was just a dream

okay, so i have watched too many reality/drama series focusing on lives of the “elite” ,
after watching these shows like “gossip girl” “NYC prep” and other shows having deal with
the elite life of Manhattan. and as i fell asleep today i had a dream about me having a tall handsome brown haired blue-eyed
totally hot boyfriend and we lived in the upper east side of Manhattan, and i woke up to him making me breakfast cause i was sick fro the day before cause i was 3 months pregnant (not really preggo btw) but in the dream, any-who i woke up to a white plate with fruits on it like strawberries,kiwi,bananas,mango’s and other amazing fruits,  and he lived in a huge rich person loft with 3 bedrooms and a terrace a quite large one and it overlooked central park, anyways when i woke up from my little nap i looked around my house and my dogs and thought , how wonderful would life be if that was my real life, like i had memories that i did in my dream and everything felt so real.  so i thought maybe one day ill go visit one of my friends there and visits the upper east side and view central park and go out for lunch and whatnot , just thought that would be quite lovely. Everyday i wake up and think what would it be like to live like that? to have drivers, have a name for myself,date wealthy men wear expensive clothes and be friends with people who have the same. maby one day ill have a chance to live like that, maby in another life.


(p.s and wear shoes like these)



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