Ulta Haul

Well, i only got a few things but they where totally worth it! i went on a shopping spree with my mom and 
we stopped by maurices, wetseal+ , homegoods and Ulta. i’m only goint to show what i got at ults, beacause i mostly got “intimates” and stuff so yeah.

muhhhhhsllf 024 muhhhhhsllf 023


Ulta was having a sale at the store near my grandmas so of course we had to go!! i got some new foundation 
concealer adn some shampoo & conditioner i havent tried yet.

muhhhhhsllf 031
sorry for the bad quality, it was pretty sunny at my grandmothers house plus super hot! but this (fit) foundation is super light on my skin and i absolutely love it, i have found my absolute fave new foundation. adn the concealer by (nyx) is awesome, i love it. 

muhhhhhsllf 028muhhhhhsllf 022



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