Elsa “from Frozen” makeup tutorial

okay, so for the past 6 hours i have been listening to “let it go” and watching the movie Frozen, because i am babysitting and that is literally the only movie they will watch.so as i was just going to be “all natural” today and not do anything with myself (cause its my last week off before i start college) oh by the way i’m going to go to like the best beauty school in the world! Paul Mitchell! yay

for me! haha any-ways, my cousin’s came up to me and started begging for an elsa braid witch of course i did i decided to do a makeup tutorial on the movie with elsa’s purple/pink smokey eye. so here it is!


step one, clean your face and moisturize, after i let my moisturizer i added my foundation.
After i added my foundation, i used my flat brush and blending in circular motions.


step two, add concealer to get rid of dark circles & bags also adds a bight of a highlight to your face.

for step three i did use a matte setting spray after my concealer set just to make my face look more porcelain.

makeup 01 002 

for step four i did the contouring!, i contoured my nose, forehead and cheekbones!
using my contour kit i got from ebay.

for step 5, i added some benefit highlighter to my face to add some toned down look to my face.

after that i used my beauty blender to blend everything in! 🙂


okay so now it time for the eyes!!
i got this eye pallet at a store in pismo beach, i have know idea what the store was called because it was a while ago. But i love this pallet,cause the colors come out really soft.

lastly, i added some of the black eye-shadow to the edges, to make it more dark and also added a bit more highlighter under my eyes,just to add a bit more toned down , because i had eyeshadow everywhere plus it has shimmer in it so plus i’m all glittery! 
then just add some mascara! and whala 

and i  finished with a matte setting spray!


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