Hey guys! Today i am going to be showing you my ” DRAMATIC ” eye makeup tutorial
and also later, my OOTD! Aztec kind of style. Hope you enjoy!
okay , so first lets start off with our moisturizer, it will help your makeup set and stay on your face for a longer period of time. Add the moisturizer all over your face and let it sit for about 5 minutes!
(excuse my derp face)
After your moisturizer stets apply foundation, i used shine control by Neutragina and i can 
honestly say it really does make your face really shiny!
I applied my foundation on my forhead,cheeks ,nose and also my chin,now blend like it’s your life LOL! just kidding, but really though blend in well enough you get the coverage that you want.
So after i put foundaton on, i’m going to use my contour kit i got off of ebay for $5 ! i used those to make my face pop more and also give me a shiny looking tan, and give my cheekbones a little more umf. 
After bronzing my face, i put some white eyeshadow from my Profusion eyeshadow pallet under my eyebrow to make it look more sharp and also added some orange-ish Gold eyeshadow right in the lid of my eye’s and using a auburn red on the crease of my eye, blending it into the lid. To finish it off, add some mascara! and wala your done! 
asjkljsdsd 026

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